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s. A day earlier, Herve Ladsous, UN under-secretary for peacekeeping operations, said Syria is in a state of civil war and the government has lost control of "large chunks" of citi


t Hamid Karzai. White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton told reporters that Iran should have a positive influence on the formation of Afghan government. Burton urged Iran to.


er from the rebel Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in the west of the country, who was accused of kidnapping and torturing two officers. Colombian National Police chie.


t said. For the passage of the treaty in the Senate now, the Democrats need nine Republican votes for support. If delayed until next year when the new Congress opens, 14 votes are.


cit by 2014, one year ahead of schedule, and vowed to carry out solid economic management with gradually lower taxes. With an eye on the May 2 election, he also committed his party.

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the media's social responsibility and that ABC should prevent similar incidents from occurring in future. Thousands of Chinese Americans and supporters rallied at ABC headquarters .

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h 76 delegates. The projection was made from exit polls, and Romney came in second, ahead of Rick Santroum and Ron Paul, the other two main candidates. But Romney did well in Virgi.

rict, as the dry season threatened to increase the risk of forest fires in parts of the nation already parched by drought, national media reported. The emergency measure, published.

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